reviews policy

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All Wendigo reviews are honest, detailed, and written as soon as a book has been finished. I do not get any compensation for reviews - it's just for fun! They're my personal opinion and 100% honest.

Although open-minded, I tend to gravitate towards:
  • Horror, Supernatural and Sci-fi
  • Dystopian
  • Young Adult
  • Novels with LGBT characters/themes
  • Novels that have a strong female protagonist
I do not review erotica or series books unless it's the first in a series, or I've read the previous books. Self-published books are taken on a case-by-case basis. 

Book Reviews include:
- The book cover
- Basic book information (Title, Author, Release/Publication date)
- Publisher
- Source (bought, giveaway, advanced reader copy etc)
- Synopsis/blurb
- My rating (unless I didn't finish the book - I don't think it's fair to rate without reading the entirety of the book, so unfinished books will be marked as 'DNF')
- And, of course, my review!

Each review also has links to the author's website, the publisher's website and the accompanying Goodreads page, as well as links to purchase on,, Barnes and Noble and Waterstones. My review is also posted on Goodreads after it's been published on the blog.

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